TV and Computer

“2” Brochure

"2 Brochure"—Overview of general tips limiting screen time to 2 hours per day!

Facts and figures

Facts and Figures about our TV Habits—There's something here to surprise everyone

Reduce TV Toolkit

Reduce TV Toolkit—Facts, Quizzes, Ideas and Answers!

Active Video Games

Active Video Games—All video games are not created equal.

School Vacation

School Vacation—There's always something to do!

Healthy Activity Booklist

Healthy Activity Booklist—Great books to get you moving!

Promote Healthy Viewing

Promote Healthy Viewing—Creating good habits around screens.

Take Control of TV

Take Control of TV & Other Screen Time—How to tame your TV and other screens...rules and tips.

TV and Computer

Keep TV/computer out of the bedroom. No screen time under the age of 2.

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